Dudley’s Restaurant – Lower East Side


I know, it’s been a while I haven’t post. My blog actually crashed and I lost all my files. It was a real struggle to have access to it again but thanks God, today it’s working again. I lost all of my files but I managed to put latest articles I had when the blog was working… it was just too weird to see the blog empty. So I’m pretty busy now with all articles I have to share here and school stuff (I’ll explain later) so I’m just sharing today here one of my new fav’ foodie dress in New York. I’ve been discovering a lot of cute food spots here while I’m running in the city. O really loving trying’ these new places so I wanna shore of the spots I love on the blog. U can also found these spots on Instagram under the tag #mfbfoodie.

You know how bloggers meet via Instagram, well I met the gorgeous Lilas from Madagascar & NY and from the blog (Helloimmia.com) and we had lunch at Dudley’s, a lovely restaurant & bar located in the Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York. You may be not believe me but we spent more than 15 min to decide what to order because there are too many good options. Really, and everything seems so yum, especially when someone who work there start to tell us about his favs… God, it was really hard ! But at the end, I took the Rice Bowl (Soft Poached Eggs, Avocado, Kohlrabi (smith like Quinoa) & Pumpkin Seed Pesto… too good) and Lilas ordered some fries and some vegetables. To drink ? A lemonade of course ! Oh, I was wearing this lovely wax two set from Laviye, u guys should definitely check their shop, they have a lot of pretty pieces. I actually have two more items from the brand to show u so stay tuned ! xoxoxo



Coat : WearALL / Wax Two Set : Laviye / Shoes : Boohoo – shop similar here



85 Orchard Street, Lower East Side