Beauty Stuffs #newitems

It’s probably not a surprise but I’m terribly late in my blogposts. Here’s a little review to share some beauty products I tried a few months before the end of 2016. A blue mascara (because I really have small or none eyelashes so the best way to pretend I have some is by using a colored mascara), a nude lipstick, a red one, a lovely perfume and a handmade cream which smells super good !

Thanks to Caravan Stylist Studio (a super cool beauty studio in Nyc which let influencers try the coolest products) who gave me some really cool beauty “american” items to try as this electric blue mascara from Pop Beauty. I’m discovering this brand and for now, it seems to have some really cool stuffs. I love how this mascara create an illusion, yeah it seems like I have (even if they’re small) some eyelashes, believe me, without it’s like I really have none, arggggg !

I’m also wearing a nude lipstick from Pop Beauty and it’s one of the fav nude I tried. I also have a darker color of this nude and I will def tried more and share them with you if you guys wanna learn more about the brand.

Here’s the only red I’m currently using. You guys know how I’m afraid of red, I mean, I tried a lot and I liked a few. Red is such a beautiful color but sometimes I just feel like red lips are not for me. But when I’m wearing a red like this one from Sisley Paris, I have to admit that I can wear red, don’t you think ?

Hydratation is certainly one of the most common problem of black skins. So I always (okay sometimes I just forgot because I have no memory at all) go out with a little cream in my bag. I also got this one from Caravan Stylist Studio. The brand is Manuka Lab and I must say that this product I tried from them is really great. I love how the texture melts on my skin and especially the smell and the freshness of this one. May I also have to say that their packaging is a dream ?

If you’re european or familial with the french culture, you probably know this brand : Fleurance Nature. It’s a bio cosmetic brand which exists since more than 40 years so most french women will tell u they know the brand from their mother. I got this little perfume called L’eau de Coursiana. First, it’s great for me as I’m allergic to strong perfumes. L’eau de Coursiana smells like fresh flowers, aromas of crystallized citrus fruits and even has a little spicy touch. You can also smell the Bergamot, orange & vanilla aromas which are mixed with Ylang Yland, lavender and Patchouly. You’ll definitely like it if you love greedy and feminine smells which can stimule the senses and the spirit !