Random Facts About Me #shootinginstudio

A few weeks ago, I met with Anisha, a photographer of Nyc. We meet at her studio in Brooklyn. It was super cool because she’s super talented and she had colored backgrounds we use for the pictures. We use some green and some red. I can’t wait to see all the pics we took and to start, here’s these ones. It wasn’t easy because my hairstyle was almost falling apart aha but the pictures are so beautiful, we’ll all agree that it doesn’t matter.

So I wanted to share more features about me, and I thought this would get along with these studio pictures. Before starting, let me quickly introduce you the new items I got and that I’m wearing here (links to shop them are at the end of the article) : the little SheInside coat and dress, and also the Asos bodysuit you may have seen on my Instagram. Hope you’ll like this post and these awesome pictures.

10 Random facts about me 

1- I’m literally obsessed with japanese and thaï food, I usually eat Pad Thaï at least 3 times in a week (when I’m not broken).

2- I’m the type of person who love reading the same books and watch the same movies (my friends think it’s awkward) just because they got my heart. Talking of movies, my favorites are Letters To Juliett & Ma première fois, I always watch them.. I guess this says a lot ab me aha.

3- I have this best friend with whom I rarely talk to but when we do, it’s still good between us and we spent at least 2h on the phone, catching up on so many things but still on the same things actually and having these super long & philosophical conversations about life I mean work and men.

4- I’m a light sleeper, younger, my mum just had to open the door and then I waked up, knowing was time to to get ready for school.

5-  I believe in things such as Destiny, Karma & Love (I have to, otherwise life is just too boring and unworthy ) : Okay I don’t believe in the prince charming anymore (went through too many frogs). I believe love is a journey, it’s about adventures so it should be enjoyed as we enjoy beautiful and rare beautiful things.

6- Pink is one of my fav color. (Also in love with blue, white and black)

7-  Super weird : Texture and design of food is too important for me, I don’t eat food who looks weird or ugly. I also don’t usually eat meat’s skin unless it’s super grilled, it just looks disgusting to me aha.. please tell me that I’m not the only one who does that.. 

8 – I prefer shop online (except for thrifts shops of course)

9 – I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, I watched every one at least 10 times (crazy)

10 – I write a lot (since I was a kid), I wanna become a writer when I was younger(I still love it and i’m kinda writing a book but it’s taking me forever)


Faux fur & Choker – Forever 21 / Dress & white coat – SheInside / Jeans – Zara / Bodysuit Asos / Earrings Fanmdjanm 

Pics by Anisha