Greenwich Village

A very casual look shot in Greenwich Village, probably one of the cosiest parts of New York. It’s known for its musical & cultural vibes (theaters, music groups performing…).  Greenwich Village has also a lot of attractions for tourists such as the Washington Square Park but it’s the little streets like where we shot these pictures which makes me love hanging out in this neighborhood. Oh and if you’re in this part of Nyc, make sure to stop at Blecker Street at night because the street has plenty of cool bars & restaurants.

I won’t say a lot about the look as it’s super simple and kinda my go to uniform. I know I have been wearing this grey faux fur a lot lately but I guess it’s because I recently got them back.  They’re the perfect option because I’m super confortable while wearing it and also because this color can goes with almost everything in my wardrobe.

I’m not feeling so well lately, I have some decisions to make and u know how I hate having to make some, but that’s just life. Let’s say that I also feel alone sometimes, being away from your friends & family can be thought especially when u haven’t find yet other people who can make this sentiment disappear or when u thought u found someone but at the end, nothing really changed. Anyway, I’m gonna stop complaining (at least for now) and continue watching House Of Cards, I’m literally obsessed with this show and I def recommend it to u guys. At least, it help me not thinking ab my own life, I pref being focus on other’s people issues… Love you all !

Faux fur – Forever 21 / Jacket – Thrift Shop / Jogging- Zara / Shoes – Fashion Pills / Bag – Loavies