When u’re obsessed with lingerie + Mood of the day #mfbgoestocotonou

Hey y’all ! So I haven’t post these few past days here because I couldn’t add pictures in my posts (random technical issues as always) & also because it was #newyorkfashionweek as you may have seen on my Instagram & Snap. I’ve been to a few shows and I’m so tired right now. The weather and just running everywhere in Nyc didn’t help, believe me ! Mmm, actually, I feel like I’m always tired anyway so it’s not even an excuse anymore but technicals issues always are ! (aha)

So I haven’t feel so great lately but since yesterday I feel definitely better and I’m less depressed (ok it’s a big world but hey I’m still learning english so I didn’t know which other world I could use). I’m so sensitive, ugh, I hate that ! Anyway, so I feel like I have to talk about it, at least a little as people noticed it and asked me a few questions on Snap. I share a lot with you guys, and I know you care about how I feel and wanna know what’s going on so I will just say what I think I can say. So yeah I was seing someone since a few months and yes it’s over now. You know me and how it’s hard for me as, I always care too much and that my dream has always been to find the one even if since I’m here, I had more random dates than serious things. I thought it was finally going in the good way actually, but nope, was too good to be true I guess. Aha, ok, let’s be serious. I’m still new in Nyc so I just get used to his presence as we were spending a lot of time together (and I don’t know a lot of people here so I kinda feel a little bit alone now) and suddenly it’s over and I kinda have to change my routine (that sucks). But as everything which happen in life, I guess it’s for the best. Time will help as it helped in the past (I had more serious feelings than today before so I’m positive). So, yeah, what’s else ? I may go to France in a few weeks, fingers crossed ! I’m missing my friends there but also trying to got for the next Paris Fashion Week and to do some collaborations there. I think it will be helpful to see my friends again and just to take some time apart so yeah let’s hope I go back soon. One more thing, I know some of you won’t understand why I talk about my personal life here but I kinda always did and it help me to write. Some of you may even think that I shouldn’t say that and just should act like I don’t care at all but I try to be honest and not to hide my feelings, it’s not a shame to care about someone, on the contrary, it demands a lot of strength to tell the truth. So yeah I guess I had some feelings but I’m okay, and yeah, that’s it for now aha !  xoxoxo

Oh, forgot to mention that these beautiful pics were taken in Benin, Ouidah when I was there last December. You can see more pics I took at this lovely location here.

Jacket – Bee Wax / Bodysuit – Asos 

Pics by Oronce H. Photography & MUA by Mae Makeup