3 Hairstyles u loved (+ references & pics of hair I used to do them)

As promised, a little post with these 3 hairstyle I did lately and that u guys liked so much when I see all the msgs I got on Instagram and Snapchat about what hair I used to do them !

U probably noticed if u follow me on social networks, I’m in Paris since one week for #ParisfashionWeek which explained why I’ve been so quiet here. My days are super busy with the shows and some shooting  so I have no time to be on my computer and I’m also missing too much sleep. I actually have the Valentin Yudashkin show (I will probably be late..)  in a few hours and I had some presentations this morning but I had to miss them because of the crazy rain and also because I wanna catch up on some mails and especially on this post u’re all waiting since a while.


FreeTress Braid Deep Twist 22 – Colour 27 (to the right) & Equal Cuban Twist for Double Strand Style Size 16 – Colour 30 (to the left)

The hairstyle I have (still have now but I’ll probably take it off after the Fashion Week, so by the end of this week) in the first shot of this editing picture is some Faux locs, this style is very popular this year and I think we all know guess why by looking at how cool it is. And how cute is the curly finition of the hair ? We actually used two different types of hair to do them. The first one was the curly hair (FreeTress Braid) and then we used the human hair (Equal Cuban Twist) that we wrapped on the curly hair by leaving a part of the curl hair visible. In case u don’t find the Equal Cuban Twist, you can use another brand from the moment that it’s Human hair, for exemple you can also use the Afro Twists Braid Human Hair from Janet Collections.


Jamaican Bounce 26 SOM1B/350 African Collection X-Pression

The technique to do the second hairstyle is called Crochets Braids. As the Faux locs, they have been done by my friend Imane that u can contact for hairstyles whenever u come in New York.


Jamaican Locks – African Collection Colour 30

I did these twists while i was in Paris. They have been done by Nehemie, an ambassador of the hair application Nappyme, u can found people to do all kind of hair on this application and some of them can even come to your place so it’s definitely a good idea ! If you want the same hairstyle or another one, you can directly contact Nehemie via Instagram. Many of u think that we used the Crochet Braids technique but nope, it wa just regular hair style ! Of course you can use them for some Crochet but we just put did them directly on my hair. 

Hope you’ll like this article, I will try to do more like that as I always get a lot of questions on the hairstyles I do. xoxoxo