Afropunk Festival in Paris

Hey babes ! As you noticed if you follow me on social networks, I attended the Afropunk festival two week-ends ago (took place on July 15 & 16th) in Paris at La Villette. I was invited as an influencer to share my experience with some Snapchats, Instastories (u know how much I love these live applications) and some pictures you may have already see on Instagram.

Not only I had a great time while discovering some wax and african brands, eating african food, taking pictures and hanging out with cool people who share the same culture or who are interested by the afro culture which is by the way still a small community in France. But truth is,  I’m actually proud to see that (even if it’s taking more time in France) people are more proud of their roots today.

Born in Brooklyn, Afropunk festival is all about culture, diversity, style and freedom. Afropunk festival is definitely the place to be if you love everything about the black culture : not only you get to shop stylish wax items from african designers from the world but you also get to listen to some soul, pop & rock groups and artists like Petite noir, Fantastic Negrito & Faada Fredy. If you follow me on Spanchat, you know how great was the experience !

And yes, Afropunk isn’t as famous and big here as in London or Nyc from what I heard and noticed but it started a few years ago in France and the festival isn’t known by that many people, hopefully it will get better with the years. I’m going to attend my first Afropunk festival in Nyc in August and I can’t wait for this new adventure. I will definitely share it again with you. Meanwhile here’s some pics of me and stylish beauties I got to meet during this event.  xoxoxo

What to wear for a Festival 

DAY 1 – July 15th

Dress & shoes Forever21 / Sunnies Bonnie Clyde / Choker Topshop

Day 2 – July 16th

Top maillot, shorts & bag Forever 21 / Lace up Crop top WearAll buy here / Shoes Reebok 

Crédits : Sol Bela / Afropunk / David Pochal