All black for the week-end

The week-end is finally here and you can’t believe how excited I was.. to just be able to rest a little bit at home. I’m super busy with my school & visa stuffs for New York and it’s taking most of my time. But I kinda have a little break this week-end as I went through the first step and even managed to shoot a few looks as this one I couldn’t wait to show you. As u may noticed if u follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, I received a bunch of cute items from WearAll. I actually already posted a few pics on my Instagram with some items I received from the website. This one is my favorite, that’s probably why I decided to post the pictures today !

Yes, I’m back to my natural hair since a few days. I always miss it but they ask me so much work and time that I can’t keep them too long as I always have busy days. Anyway, it’s still hot in Paris so it’s definitely better than having a wig or another protective style. Talking of hair, I get a lot of questions about what I use and always try to answer but as promised, I will def do a post or a small video when I get a little bit time. And to be honest, I have too much new hair products to try so I really wanna try them and share what’s work on my hair. At the meantime, know that I use The Mane Choice since a few months for my twists-out, I discovered the brand while in New York and my hair definitely love this brand so if you have a texture similar to mine, you may wanna try them. Hope everyone’s having a great week-end ! xoxoxo

Kendal Choker Two Piece Wrap Set – WearAll  / Aztec Og Standstone Sneakers – Reebok / Bag – Loavies / Sunglasses Bonnie Clyde LA

Pics by Alexis Lamadon