Travel : Fav spots to have breakfast & lunch in Paris

I don’t usually do breakfast excepts when it’s a kind of brunch. If u follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love to discover and try different food locations and also how much I love brunch especially avocado toasts ! I think I almost always take that, even if I spend 1 hour looking at the menu and asking myself if I should change for once, in most of the cases, at the end I just take something with some avocado. By the way, I seriously don’t understand people who don’t love Avocado but that’s another story.

You know how french food and restaurants are good, super good, they are known for that and it’s actually one of the rare reasons which make me love Paris over everywhere else. So yeah, if you ever stopped by Paris, you definitely have to try some of my favorite addresses. Why would you like them ? Because they use fresh products to cook, they have great recipes, super lovely locations and good prices. I really miss a lot of these places when I’m in Nyc even if we have some cool locations there, Paris definitely have more, and here you don’t need to pay taxes or tips ! Yeah, I’m still getting used to the american life, aha.



This bucolic cute tea bar is perfect if you love tea and wanna grab some delicious homemade pastries. I usually go there in the afternoon when I want to relax or work in a relaxing and peaceful location. What I like about this place is not only the variety of teas but also the vibes and the decoration inside (there’s also a little terrasse). You will definitely fall in love with the brick walls, the vegetal plafond and the flowery benches which make Lily of the Valley, a unique teashop & location. They’re also located at 47 rue de Lancry.


The Season is one of my top favorite places. Why ? Because they have the best avocado toasts ever ! At least, the best of Paris. They also do brunch, and serve bagels, pancakes, salads, acai bowls and a lot of other delicious stuffs. And their products are known for their freshness & quality so everyone loves their Market located at 98 rue de Turenne !

Café Crème, 4 rue Dupetit Thouars, 75003

I always love to stop at the Café Crème for their Truffle burger. I always take it since I tried it. I went there a weeks before when I was back to Paris but I feel like it was a long time ago. I also love this location because they have a pretty terrasse so it’s perfect when it’s sunny. Oh, and they do tacos too, so you definitely wanna stop there.

Paperboy, 137 rue Amelot, 75011

Paperboy is a great place for brunch. They have a lovely minimal interior, delicious salads and great juices that you will like.

Big Love Caffe (Big Mamma Group), 30 rue Debelleyme, 75003

Big Love Caffé, East Mamma, Ober Mamma, Mamma Primi, Pizzeria Popolare & Pink Mamma are the different restaurants of the italian group Big Mamma. You probably heard about this group and their restaurants because they have the best italian homemade cuisine and they also do brunch at some of them. For now, I got to try the Big Love Caffé which is great for brunches (their pancakes are so tasteful & yum) and the Popolare whose pizzas are probably the best I had in Paris. It’s very trendy lately so be ready for a long wait line when you arrive but it’s totally worth the wait.

M&P’S, 57 rue Rodier, 75009 

Talking of brunch, this one is unique and probably the coolest of this selection. If you love food and especially meat, you definitely wanna try this location (Of couse, it wasn’t easy for me choose as I don’t eat that much meat but what I finally ate was really good and I would definitely go again if I get the chance). Not like others spots, M&P’S also known as Merguez and Pastrami’s food is all about diversity, multiculture, and sharing. Not only, you have some caucasian vibes but the food is also spanish and levantine, which makes it so hard to choose. You have a large selection of different types of breads that you will enjoy eating with their homemade delicious houmous. I also liked the homemade potatoes and the meatballs are the best one that I’ve had in my life.

Le Barlu Stalingrad, 10 Quai de la Seine, 75019

The Barlu Stalingrad is located on the Quai de seine, which is a lovely location near water, so perfect for sunday’s brunch during summer. They have a brunch menu with some classical brunch food as you may see on the pictures : bread, orange juice, quinoa salad, salad fruits, eggs etc…

Braun Notes Coffee, 31-33 rue de Mogador, 75009

Braun Notes Coffe was the last location I tried before I left for Nyc. And I’m glad I went there because they do have avocado toasts & salmon toasts, what more could I have ask ? And their location is pretty small but there’s also a little terrasse outside. As it’s located in a cool neighborhood with a lot of tourists and business man, it can be easily full especially during the afternoon, so you may prefer to go early for lunch. Oh, and did I mention the Coconut granola ? Yummy !