Night & Shooting at The Holiday Inn Paris Elysées Hotel

One of the things I like the most with my blogging adventure is the experiences (trips or new locations to try) & opportunities that come along the way. Being invited to spend the night in hotels is the best for me as I always need indoor locations to take some lingeries pics but also because sometimes, we need a moment for ourselves. Sometimes, and I’m sure everyone has these, we feel less motivated, confused and sad, and there’s not only a logical reason to explain these feelings. For me, the best way to deal with it is to do something new, or see or go somewhere new. Take time to live a new adventures; It can be a trip or even just try a new beauty/food/lifestyle location.

So you know how my last trip in Paris was stressful and yeah I wasn’t in my best form so being invited by the Holiday Inn hotel couldn’t have come a better time. I actually knew the group because my parents travel a lot and already spent some nights to some hotels of the group but it was the first time that I went to their location located on 24, rue de Miromesnil, a parisian & chic neighborhood pretty close to the fav tourists places (monumental places & shopping spots).

You know how it went if you usually follow my days on Snapchat. By the way, I’m actually sick when I’m writing this post but I feel like I’ve never been that inspired. Truth is I’m always out with school & the shoots so I don’t have enough time to spend here, that’s why there’s less posts here. So yeah, I think i caught a caught so I’m kinda stuck at home so why not catch up on my late as I can’t really seem to rest.

Hope you guys will like the pictures we took, brands and mentioned ! And we also shoot near the Hotel, I couldn’t have done more frenchie with these pictures ! xoxoxo

P-I-Z-Z-AAAAA before EVERYTHING ! Want a bite ?

I.D Sarrieri Lingerie & Monki Socks

Me-we Necklace & Fanmdjanm Turba

I had a great time, the room was simple & lovely (minimal & wood details) and I also got to have breakfast in bed. So, of course, I start the day well, after a good night of sleep in this place ! xoxoxo

Eldior Sodeck Design Dress & Cesare Paciotti Heels

I.D Sarrieri Dress

Credits : Alexandre Darnet