“Do things my own way darling”

Sometimes, a few times, not that much actually but it does hurt at the moment. Sometimes, I feel like quitting, everything, so bad. Because as everyone, I have hard days, bad days and yeah, it can feel pretty hard. So, at these moments, I always have doubts but I try, I try, oh and I actually do remember that I’m lucky. Lucky to be alive, to experience, to live, to live a dream, to live my dream. It’s okay to feel sad or bad sometimes, it’s human to feel emotional, to feel everything, good or bad. You just need to remember that the pain eventually goes away even if it’s all a circle. But, the present is a gift that we must fully enjoy. I actually really can’t believe I’m where I am today because if you told me 2 or 3 years ago that I will be ending up living in New York City, I wouldn’t have believe you, I would have probably told you to stop re-watching Gossip Girl and Sex & The City. But, as I knew deep down, as I fell, it was destiny and even if sometimes it’s hard to be away of the known, I’m so grateful, I have no regrets and I can’t wait for coming next. I’ve been here since a little bit more than one year (and I do remember my first time here like it was this morning, for real and it’s a miracle because you guys know I have no memory) and I’ve learned so much. I’ve experienced so much, I’m truly living and it’s priceless. Before I came & move here, I was  having a hard time in Paris, I was feeling lost & not at my place anymore, something was missing. I always dream about living in Nyc but I really didn’t expect it in this life or not before I don’t know.. many years. Anyway, I’m gonna stop here otherwise you know, I may write a book, aha. I just feel like confess sometimes about how I feel because this is kinda my (fashion) diary and it always feels good to write, especially if you usually like it. Soooo, about this @misspap look, I just wanted to share it with you because I’m obsessed with the results of all of these pieces together and also because I got to shoot with an awesome photographer as you may notice by looking at his work …xoxoxo

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