Hi babes ! So I wanted to share these lovely shots Anoushka & I got while we were hanging out in one of our favorite coffee in Paris, the season. This happened last time I was in Paris so in December 2017 and the day we were wearing our Girls Gang tees by the french brand Pallome that I’ve discovered a few months before on Instagram. I love the fact that the tees are super simple, minimal and have a cool cut. And you know how girly we are, so it was pretty fun to shoot these & to spend some time together before I come back in Nyc. I miss her so much when I’m in Nyc and looking at these pictures make me wanna take a flight ticket and go back to Paris so I can see my french bloggers & friends crew, Syana, Armelle (who moved to London) & Anoushka. But I mean, I have school and life just don’t work like that ! But I will definitely try to go there in March, I may have one week off during March, otherwise I have school till the end of summer, not cool ! Anyway, make sure to check the brand, they have cool stuffs and also to stop at the Season if you love fresh food & especially Avocado toasts ! The one I got this time wasn’t good but it was the first time that happened (I was really disappointed because it’s really one of my fav locations but I mean, things like that can unfortunately happen), all the other times the food was delicious so yeah I had to mention that & yeah I still gonna go & give them another chance aha xoxoxo

Pictures by Andréa

Girls Gang Tee – Pallome / buy here

Location : Season Paris