How to start a blog : Advices & Tools

You guys have been a lot to ask me about how to start a blog and I still get these questions daily. Truth is I can’t always answer to everyone especially because it’s not just a one thing but a bunch of tips which are needed so I’m gonna share a few advices with you here.

But before adding anything else, I wanna tell you again that it’s never too late to start a blog, it’s never late to start doing something you’re passionated about, something you wanna do & life is too short to have any regrets. If you wanna do something, do it, don’t hesitate because life is all bout experiences and you won’t loose anything, there’s always something you will gain from an experience even if you thought you got more bad things than good things, it’s fine, because you had the courage to believe in you, to do something you want to do and not everyone can do that. Also, you’re unique. There is only one you so your blog is gonna be unique so don’t be worry that there’s already a big number of blogs which already exist.

Another thing is that if the reasons you want to start a blog are to have some free stuffs, to have more followers or to just to be invited to events, forget about it. Even if it doesn’t look like, blogging takes a lot of time and is a lot of investment. And, it’s not always easy, there’s days I just want to stop but I can’t imagine my life without it because it’s my passion and also because I’ve came from a long way and I definitely wanna see where it will bring me. You must remember that social networks are not real life, and there’s a lot of work hidden under one post.

Here’s some questions I get and that I’m gonna answer to help you guys to start your blog 

–> On which platform can I start a blog ?

There’s three platforms people use the most : WordPress, Blogger & Squarespace

I personnel use WordPress and recommend you this one because I feel like it’s the most simple, especially for people who want to start. You also have a lot of free & cool themes. When I started, I choose a free theme but then I bought one. So even if the theme is usually free, you still need to buy the Domain Name to have for example “” instead of “” and also a website host. You can find & buy these too on Gandi.

–> Who take your pictures ? Which camera do you have ?

It’s probably the two questions I get the most. So, either I shoot with some photographers or friends who have a camera or I take them with my iPhone. Yes, I love editing so most of my pictures look like they have been taken with a camera but it’s not always the case. Why ? My camera isn’t working since a while but  I did managed to continue to shoot some contents with my phone or to work with photographers. But, I really want to do some videos and also I don’t have that much time to shoot, more, I edit my pictures myself so it’s definitely better to work friends and shoot with my camera so I can have the contents right away, especially when I have deadlines from the brands. So, I’m thinking about fixing my old camera (Canon 600D) or to buy a new one, a Sony Alpha. Hopefully, I will be able to get this one soon. But if you want to find/reach photographers, make researches on Instagram and you can also pay attention to the ones your friends or other bloggers work with and then reach out to them.

–> Which application (s) do you use to edit your pictures ?

I use mostly these three apps : Snapseed, Afterlight & VSCO in this order. I have since some time now a grainy & vintage filter on my Instagram feed but I do keep pictures edited by photographs & without my Insta filter when I post on the blog. I’ve heard good things about Glitché & Kira Kira so I may try them soon and see. I really enjoy editing pictures and play with them and I love trying new things so yeah !

–> How do you manage to get some collaborations ? Do you reach to brands or are they the ones who come to you ? What’s about invitations to brands’ events ?

At the beginning, I was definitely reaching to brands, agencies but I also get some help of other influencers like Aïssata from Timodelle Magazine, she really helps me by getting me invited to some events and I’ve learnt a lot while hanging with her. Also, the fact that I made some press contacts while working at Closer magazine really help too. My advice for the collaborations and events when you start ? After creating some contents, and managed to have a community, try, reach to the brands you like and you think could be interested, you won’t loose anything. It’s okay if they say no first but believe me, some will say yes if you really want it and have worked for that. For example, you can reach to some swimwear brands if you plan to head to the sun soon, the more you have a project or theme or show to the brand what she will bring you and what you will bring to her, the better it is. And events kinda come with collaborations or sometimes it’s by going to some events that you meet the PR of brands and then you get to establish a relationship which leads to a partnership. More, to have all of that, don’t also hesitate to talk to people, when you go to an event and to meet other bloggers. I met a lot of bloggers who are now some friends, all thanks to Instagram. Even if it’s not always the case we’re pretty supportive between us.

Today, brands mostly reach out to me but when I really like a brand or have a specific project, I contact them. I contact of course the ones I think which can be interested by my profile. Also, the more you have a good partnership idea, the more the brand will be interested as I said earlier. For example, reaching to a brand so you can wear her pieces during a Fashion Week is a cool idea.

–> More advices

  • Be active : Try to post at least once a day, the more you’re active, the more you have chances to be seen and to increase your visibility.
  • Be on many social networks : Today, these three social networks are the main places for bloggers : Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. You also have Twitter & Pinterest if you know how to use these networks to bring more traffic to the other main social networks. Also, don’t put too many htags because Instagram will reduce your visibility, just put some important ones. Make also sure to tag brands, locations, community pages which have a link with the topic of your post, for example you can tag a travel account on your traveling pictures and hope to be reposted, always to increase your visibility.
  • Answer to your comments, you wouldn’t be there or living this adventure without your community so try to answer to them as much as you can, to interact with them.
  • Make sure to have some creative & quality contents to attract the audience
  • Have a “specific” feed, try to have a feed which has a theme or a style. It can be a colorful one, a vintage one, a black & white one, find your style.
  • There’s a lot of platforms which work with brands & bloggers, you can find some collaborations through them. It work according to your statistics and your profile. Some good ones are & Revfluence.
  • You can also work with agencies which have brands, you can borrow some stuffs when it’s luxury items.
  • Because of the Instagram’s algorithm which constantly changes, most bloggers are loosing most of lot of traffic so the stats aren’t the same they were before, so we try to be supportive between us with some bloggers groups where we support pictures of other bloggers we like. There’s also some Facebook groups between bloggers to share your posts.

-> What blogging brings me ?

I wouldn’t imagine myself today without my blog. It grew up with me, I’m where I am and doing what I do today because of that. I met so many interesting & inspiring people and made friends, I went to some fashions shows, had experiences with brands, had some cool collaborations with brands I like and that I’ve never imagine before I would like with. It also bring me a lot of contacts that help in the business life. More than that, the blog is helping me to be me, to be free, to leave a mark. I feel support by my community and I’m glad to be living this adventure and to be able to share it with each of you.

I also began to be paid for some collaborations and I also always mention the tags #ad or #sponsored when I got paid by the brand to showcase the products (on Instagram). Many always ask how I get paid ? You have to work for that and build your brand. When I started blogging, I didn’t have any paid collaborations even if paid collaborations didn’t start when I launch my blog. But thing is, at the beginning, you will receive products in exchange of posts. And the more people following you and the statistics of your work on your social networks will help you to get noticed by brands who think your profile goes with their brand image. From there, they can offer you to get paid if your work is worth it.

Hope I’ve answered to all of your questions I received via Snapchat & Instagram. Worst case, I could do a second post if you guys wanna know more ! xoxoxo

Pic by Stacie