MY AW18 #NYFW Experience

Hey babes ! So I finally got a chance to share my review about the NYFW, if you follow me on social networks, you know I’m struggling with school & blogging at the same time; But it’s (finally) my last year and I will graduate in August, I definitely can’t wait ! … Even if that mean, find an internship & then a job, I just can’t deal with homework anymore (aha).

So, it’s the second year that I got to experience #Nyfw and it was seriously a beautiful experience; I remember first when I moved here, I wasn’t invited to a lot of shows as I was new in the town, I had to make myself visible by brands & agencies to get noticed. But with time, I can’t actually believe it’s my second year in Nyc… but as I wanted to say, with time, it gets better; I receive way more invitations to events & collaborations. I think I’m on the good way even if I miss Paris, my friends, my blogger world there so much but even Nyc is not an easy adventure, I’m glad I’m part of this and I know I will be proud once I made my way here.

I received a lot of invitations for #Nyfw this season (February 2018) but having school at the same time made me actually choose the ones I really want to go/could go. But I was so excited and I’m still am because I had a great time (yeah some annoying things happen but you know my luck aha) and meet a lot of cool people sharing the same passion than me, & I’ve never got so many pictures of my looks, I think people really enjoyed it this season so I’m super glad !

I had to say that even if I’ve tried to plan some looks before the shows (the day before I had my first show), I style the pieces I got from show-rooms, from brands, & from my closet very last minute. And, I’m also always late and have no orientation send which means I spend time to lose myself in the city. Also, I don’t have that much luck so even if I took Uber a lot of time trying not to get late to some shows, Uber was a pain in the ass I swear ! Either, the driver was taking more time to come, either he couldn’t find the address so cancel, either he was just stupid so he was calling me so I can tell him where i was but yo Uber made the localization tool so drivers can see that without calling us, hello ! Especially when you’re frenchie so you don’t get all american accents. Do I also have to mention that I missed some shows (Thanks to the super organization of PR in charge of these brands for the shows !) as McDuggal & Fashion Hong Kong which invited way too many people so there wasn’t enough space ! After almost 1hour waiting in the cold & the rain, they told people still outside that the spot was out of capacity. OUT OF CAPACITY ? I mean !!!! When you sent the invitations & got the confirmations, didn’t you have the number of people who will be there? This never happened to me in Paris but Yoooo I’mma stop here but I really was disappointed because I could have goto other shows (a lot of shows happen at the same time so we have to choose and I didn’t chose well apparently) instead of wasting time in the cold ! Even if these was pretty annoying,  and that I’m still super tired from the shows at the moment at I’m writing this, I had a great experience, probably the best of the #Nyfw since I arrived here.


Jacket – PrettyLittleThing / buy here

Bodysuit – Michelle Nicole / buy here

Pants – Jacqueline Then

Shoes – Public Desire / buy here

Bag – Griph Handbags / buy here

Glasses – PrettyLittleThing / buy here


I was supposed to start the day going to Just In XX show at 9AM but I just couldn’t wake up & then I had the Fashion Hong Kong which was OUT OF CAPACITY so yeah my first day of #Nyfw didn’t start so well.  Then, I stopped at the Samsung location in Nyc, they did a few event during the fashion week there and I attended this day at 1AM an interesting conference about “How the debut process of fashion continues to evolve” with Arthur Zaczkiewicz, WWD Executive Editor, Lisa Gersh, CEO of Alexander Wang and Norma Kamali, President of Norma Kamali. It was really cool & helpful to heard from people with that many experience so I’m really glad I went ! I have to thanks Nonee, a blogger I actually met the day before at a #fw event and that I run into again at Fashion Hong kong. As we couldn’t attend the show, she proposes me to come with her to this event.

What’s next ? I went to Concept Korea show to see Greedilous P.Y.H & L.O.E by Lie Chung Chung AW18 collections. Then, I stopped for drinks & chit-chat at Fashion Hong Kong & Concept Korea After-Parties ! The first one was at the High Line Hotel & the second one at the Hotel America, two super cool spots where I would love to hang out in the future for brunch or to have a drink a friday night.


Coat – Gwen Salakaia

Jacket – Byron Lars 

Bag – PrettyLittleThing / buy here

Pants – Zara

Shoes – Fila 

Glasses – Zerouv 

My first show was Dan Liu at 9AM, I almost didn’t make it because I didn’t hear my alarm and I really wanted to see this show so I didn’t do my make up, I just dressed as I planned and head to the show. truth is, I was disappointed by the collection and I wasn’t the only one. I thought that most pieces were too traditional & old, I couldn’t see people of my generation wearing them. I may loved one or two bombers but in general, the collection wasn’t what I’ve expected ! Anyway, after that, I went for brunch with Micaela at Two Hands, we did spend at least 30/40 min looking for a spot to eat (and taking pictures on our way of course) because it was early, I think 10AM so many restaurants were still closed. I loved Two Hands restaurant location & food. But, it’s pretty crowded and they take forever to bring you your meal. I don’t know if it’s usually like that because during #nyfw, it’s just crazy, you may wait till 1h or more to find a table in a spot located in the area of the shows. After the brunch, I went to the Caravan Stylist Studio at the Gregory Hotel. Thanks God, I had this make up appointment, as I didn’t get a chance to do mine before leaving my place. Once again, I love how they do the make up, it’s not that complicated but it always look so pretty, what do you think ? I mean, I think in 30 min, the make up look was amazing & perfect for the #fw. If you want to have a cool make up look or hairstyle, make sure to take an appointment with the studio, it’s the second time I go there and I was one more time very pleased !

After having my make up done, I went to the Oxorfd Fashion Studio shows starting with the brand COLOUR. I loved the bold & sexy pieces of the collection which I think all women proud to be a strong woman, proud of their feminity and who love colors would adore ! There was two others shows happening under the same label but I had the McDuggal show at the same time so I went there but I couldn’t enter, which kind of ruined the end of my day and I was exhausted so I didn’t go to the after shows off the day, I preferred to go back home so I can be ready for the next day’s adventure !


Coat – Aeidaine 

Bodysuit – Asos (old)

Joggs – Fila

Sneakers – Reebok x Local Heroes (old)

Bag – Tictail (90 Orchard ST, Nyc)

I went to Ennyluap show first ! And OMY I felt like a princess when they moved to to the first row at Ennyluap because they like my outfit. And I thought my outfit wasn’t that great aha because I was running late (as usual) so I didn’t really planed this one but hey I noticed that the outfits I don’t planned are always the best, who knows why ?

After these shows, we had time to kill before the next shows, so we went to brunch with the little crew of the day, my roommate Roxane, Stacie (photographer & friend), Nonee & Jiajing. at The Butcher’s Daughter. I’ve already ate at the location in Soho and it was delicious, this can explain the long time to wait; It was the same at the West Village location according the wait (especially during #nyfw) but I’ve almost left because one of the waiter wasn’t fair (according to the time people arrive & should get their table) and either polite, but hey, this happen, even in France and we were just so starving !

Thanks God, the next show Vivi Zubedi was at the same location than the previous and as we just walked 8 min (ok not just because it was raining as hell… and I never have an umbrella but that’s another story). This was one of my favorite shows ! The materials, the design, the models, everything has been worked in the detail and shows a hard work and a luxuous quality.

After this show, I had a smaller one of a the brand Piperi Alas that I’ve actually discovered this day. The collection was pretty beautiful, I loved the colors, and I will defintely talk & show more about this brand so stay tuned !

I was so scared to be late at the show I had at 7PM because the traffic was awful and also should I mention that my driver was russian and was obsessed with french songs. he spent all the time driving super slowly, playing french music (which was of course great) and asking me a bunch of questions about french artists (less cool, dude, I’m having a hard day and scared and stressed to be late and I have an headache so right now, I just wanna enjoy a 30 min calm ride before going back to the craziness of the fashion week). I just have no luck and always stories with my Uber so I kinda hate them right now. Anyway, I managed to arrive on time at the Nolcha shows happening at the Mercedes Benz location of Nyc. Four brands showed their collections, it was really different & I liked that so they got more chance to please to more people. My favorite show there ? The BC Jstudio, it’s not totally my style but they definitely  have cool coats I can wear and also how cute is the fact that they had kids modelling too ?

I had the Chochen show right after but it was pretty far of the Mercedes Benz location and I just had a long day. And also I decided to take a break and didn’t go to the shows I had on tuesday, I actually had a bunch of homework to catch up on too, aha.


Yaw ! Last day and believe me, it’s exhausting to do the fashion week, it’s a kind of exercise actually. You’re under pression, aways running late, wait forever and also walk and uber a lot aha, all of that can be a challenge especially when locations are not in the same area ! I went to two shows, the first one was my favorite of the season : Leanne Marshall. What I loved about this show ? The diversity of colors, the structure and cut of the dresses but especially the diversity of models (different sizes, different ethnicities and there was some black women rocking their natural hair, yes, yes, It really feels amazing to see ourselves more represented in this world.  Do I also need to mention the location of the show with the typical american view ? I was obsessed !

I run into other girls I’ve met days before at other shows and also made new friends, this day we kinda had a sad or 4 who rock the after Leanne Marshall show and which got photographed every 0,1 km and by so many photographs. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never got so many pictures during a fashion week, which explain why there’s a lot in this post and believe me it was hard to choose, because I got a ton of cool pictures from this season ! My squad of 4 was composed of So Serée, Chi-Chi, Amanda & myself. And I’m so glad I met them because we actually met again after the fashion week, we went to see Black Panther and that’s another story again aha but the point is that it’s not easy to make friends here. People love to hang out with a lot of people, different people, because they want to feel like they know a  bunch of people but that’s not how real friendship can be founded. I’m glad I met cool goals here who actually don’t just pretend they want to be friends and hang out but actually propose to you to meet again. So thanks to these babes for making my last day of #nyfw a wrap !

Jacket – Dollskill

Jeans – Zara

Bag – PrettyLittleThing

Shoes – Public Desire / buy here 

What’s your favorite look between the different ones I wore ? In case you haven’t been able to follow my #nyfw via Instagram, you can still check my stories through my profile and see more about the shows I went ! xoxoxo

Brands Aeidaine, Gwen Salakaia, Griph, Jacqueline The, & Byron Lars can be found at Dreams On Air shop located on 120 Wooster St, Nyc. 

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