Digital protection lenses with Coastal

Hi babes !

As most of you probably know, I went to Cancun a few weeks ago for Spring Break to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It felt so good to be under the sun for a few days and to leave the city and just be in a different environment. I love travel and I’m always excited to discover new places.

My Cancun diary will be up on the blog soon but meanwhile I wanted to introduce you to my new everyday glasses that I got from Coastal. I’ve received so many compliments while wearing them so I couldn’t wait any longer to share with you more details !

I don’t wear prescription glasses but I’m pretty addicted to clear lenses which have screen protection. I often spend almost all day on my phone & computer because of work. Because of that, my eyes are naturally more sensitive to protect them, I started wearing some glasses with screen protection. Not only, they help to protect my eyes but they also look pretty cool. I’m wearing here the Kam Dhillon Park Avenue Frame from Coastal. They have some digital protection lenses which specifically means lenses which offer a protection against digital screens and the blue light. I wear this kind of glasses daily so I always choose a model which goes perfectly with my casual & streetwear outfits. And these glasses were with me all the time as you could have noticed if you follow my trip to Cancùn.

The online eyewear company has a large choice & an affordable selection so you will definitely find something you like. You can use the code MYFASHIONBREAK for 30% off eyeglasses frames and lenses 🙂