My Instagram Summer 2018 Outfits

Wow, I know.. it’s definitely been a while, this time for real. I mean it’s been 3 months than I haven’t post anything here. I feel like you guys are way more present on Instagram so I made it my priority. For people who still follow me on my social networks, mainly Instagram, it’s not a surprise. With school, my internship, the blog and all the nights out, I really didn’t spend that much time at home lately. But I will tell you more in another post, I just wanted to share today my Instagram Summer 2018 Outfits here guys in case you guys miss it and also share some pieces of my Summer Wishlist. I’m probably gonna update this post with all of my next looks of this summer, let me know your favs ! I hope yall are enjoying the crazy weather not only in Nyc but also in Paris, xoxoxo I’m coming back soon with some news I promise, I’m gonna try to come back here even if I don’t post as much as before.

Dress Necessary Clothing / Bag Zara / Shoes ConverseĀ 

Top Forever 21 / Jeans Dr Denim – buy here / Sneakers Reebok

Romper Necessary Clothing / Faux Fuur Dollskill / Bag Zara / Sneakers ReebokĀ 

Top Forever 21 / Bag Grafea – buy here / Sneakers Fila

Top & Shoes Forever 21

When it’s on some hotel’s rooftops like Le Bain at Le Standard Hotel, or some terrasses in Soho or Williamsburg, New York during summer is definetly more vibrant and exciting ! Yes there’s this awful heat but isn’t that better than the crazy cold ? Yes, we feel like fainting after 5 min out especially before between 10AM to 4/5PM, but there’s icecreams, beers, wine and enjoying the sun is so great ! Everyone is more happy or at least look more happy, people are out, enjoying parks and the fact that they can eat outside, read a book, bike, and even dance ! I adore this energy, the nyc’s summer energy is just unique.

My day type this summer ? Every week is pretty different. I do have school every week two times the week in the evening. The rest of the time I have a 3 days internship as a stylist assistant and the rest of the time, I take pictures, I go out & I live ! What’s about your summer in Nyc ? Would love to know ! Love xxxx