Before anything else, I wanna thanks SavagexFenty, a brand who helps women to believe in themselves, to “be comfortable in their skin”. Being a woman and being comfortable in her skin is hard, it’s a long term process and an everyday battle. But it is also powerful, it’s a sign of freedom and of strength to feel great about ourselves, to feel free and not to care of our “beautiful & perfect imperfections”. Not everyone is comfortable in her skin. Most people aren’t. The society isn’t helping but at the same time, there’s an important amount of people and brands who value self love and thanks to them, some of us manage to love, to grow, to believe and to live.

I’ve always been into lingerie, at least since some time now. I love it. I want it, I feel it, I dream about it, I breathe in it, I live in it. And I’ve being experimenting and discovering new prints, new colors with SavagexFenty lingerie and their killer pieces. If you still haven’t check them out, I don’t know what to tell you except GO FOR IT RIGHT NOW.

I had an amazing team this shooting day, we took not only these beautiful pictures but we also take some videos. I’m so glad to get to work with talented creatives. I love how we can create & tell some stories through pictures & videos, but also how wearing these and taking pictures as I am help with the confidence and the self-love. I’m more and more comfortable everyday, sometimes I feel like it’s such a long way but I’m glad and proud of where I am today and I can’t wait to be where I want to be : 100% proud of who I am and how I look. Women empowerment is real and so needed. How do you feel empower ? How do you feel yourself ? For me, it’s all about lingerie. xoxoxo, Oriane.

PS : We also did a super cool Youtube video showcasing all of these pieces, let me know what you think.


Make Up by Marc Witmer 

Photos by Michelle Larrise