So one of my close friends living in Europe had the best post quarantine’s celebration a few days ago and I’m so so so jealous : she literally got to catch u on her 3 months of quarantine with some amazing sex. Na, she couldn’t have done it once, but 3 times in a row, wow. I would have done the same. You can’t come out of Quarantine and not go crazy with sex if you didn’t have any during or worst, since a long time before Quarantine started. 

But this is not today’s topic. What’s on my mind today is Do you (or when) delete of your phone those photos with your ex ? Ever ? Right after y’all broke up ? A few months after ? When you moved on ? When he moved on ? Never ? Which team are you ?

Most of my girlfriends delete these pictures either right away, either a little bit after the break up. I don’t and I am a little surprised & happy with the results of my researches on this topic as it clearly appears that I’m not the only one who keep them. But you gotta know that it’s like that with everything, you wanna know how many pictures I currently have on my phone ? Okay, let’s check right now. And I know you’re gonna say I’m crazy and be surprised because everyone have the same reaction : 92 600 pictures.. yes that’s insane. And I deserve a price for whenever I will have the motivation to do a cleaning, especially with how crazy the bugs are because of all of these pictures, on my iPhone. Stop, they’re not even all of me. The thing is there’s pictures from like I don’t know 2017 and even of previous years on my phone, which explains the amount, plus the fact that photography is part of my job so I have a lot of edited pictures and I just get lazy to delete the originals. I just feel lazy to delete files (and also to get rid of things I own) plus I maybe am someone for whom memories are extra important. I know, I have a hardrive that I could use for that but my laziness would just won.

But back to deleting your pictures with your ex or to keep them. Why am I asking you this now ? Well I was searching for my previous trips pictures you know to post some I’ve never post on my Gram yet and while looking at my LA pictures, I found some freaking cute videos and pictures of my ex and I and of him. My feelings at that moment ? Regrets, hate, nostalgia, tears (inside tears let’s not exaggerate lol), but I guess the feelings depend of the person and let’s say that it didn’t end that well with this one, and this should be by the way the topic of one of my next articles. It didn’t end crazy bad but the way it ends showed that this person had no respect at all for me and that he is a big joke.

Results of my researches and a few thoughts.

I’ve asked you, my community, about this topic on the Gram and so happy many played the game and shared their thoughts, so thought I’ll share some of them here to help and recap this analysis :

The first part of the answers is all about not deleting them mostly because they’re part of your story. And I agree, especially if the relationship wasn’t a total joke and if it was with someone that mattered. I’m clearly not talking about crazy ending as I totally get deleting pictures when it’s a situation which only brought you sad memories. But the truth is, usually, even when bad, you end up learning from everything and this also works for relationships. They just help you grow and experience life, even if it’s hard to see that til you really moved on, then you have a clear mind who is also more willing to accept the truth and learn from the experiences.

  • I never delete photos of anything or anyone
  • Never delete them as it’s part of my story
  • Never, I mean I kept the pictures on a hard drive regarding my last relationship those are memories
  • I never do. I just don’t have time to go through all of that and I think it’s part of your story
  • Oof been a year and a half and they still here
  • I made a folder in my pictures, and never look at it
  • I delete and untag on social media but I don’t delete from my phone. It’s part of my past. When I look at them, I’m not sad as it was happy moments when taken

The second part of the answers shows that either you babes delete the pictures right after, when it hurts too much, randomly or when you feel that it’s really over. In other terms, you do delete them but the timing depends. And it makes sense. I believe it’s different for everyone and every break up as they’re all different. Breaking up with someone who you thought was the one may just not lead to deleting the memories right away. Why ? Because you want to remember these happy times ? Because maybe you think it’s not over ? There’s been so many people who broke up and found their way back yes, but these are exceptions, these are destinies. But, for the rest of the planet, if it didn’t work once, it just won’t work. Yes, sometimes it’s all about the timing but sometimes it could be the best timing but It doesn’t matter if you two aren’t made for each other, at least I think.

  • Depends of the amont of hurt involved
  • I delete when I’m 100% sure that I’m done with him
  • Right after
  • Right after but you gotta keep one, just in case
  • Right after or when I’m done with him
  • A few months after or never depending of how things ended
  • A few months later. I let myself feel whatever I’m feeling/have memories
  • I hid then on my iPhone then like 6 months later, I deleted
  • Randomly when I get into them
  • As soon as I consider that the relation is finish. Pics can hurt
  • When I no longer care whether or not we ever speak again unless I look mad cute in it lol. -> I feel that, and in that case, you can feel that it’s such a waste (you know you two looking so amazing together but it’s only a memory), looking at these pictures showing the potentiel you two had.

The last part of categorically said that they deleted their memories pics with their exes right after. I get that. Moving on. Also, it’s over so what’s the point ? To be sad, to miss the person ? One of you said ‘So sick seeing them. But I have an ex I’m still in love with and it’s been months‘. I get still having feelings for someone you’re not with anymore, you still have some feelings so that means for you it doesn’t mean it’s totally over. You still think about him so your brain still thinks you guys may go back to each other, maybe he will realize his mistake and come back. Whenever there’s still feelings, there’ still all type of scenarios possible, but only in your head. And awful exes ? Yes, they deserve to be erased right away. Let me know your thoughts, love a good convo after my posts always, Oriane, xoxoxo.

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