Myfashionbreak is a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog managed by Oriane Adjibi, a beninese blogger based between Paris and New York. Since October 2013 and the first version of her blog, the purpose of Myfashionbreak has been to share Oriane’s inspirations and experiences through some daily reviews, fashion looks, styling tips & everyday adventures as travels or events. With the African, European & American influencers, it’s a unique story which is being shared.

“I’ve always wanted to write, to start a blog and I finally got the courage and the ambition to start it 2013. I did it while I was working for Closer, a french press magazine. I was covering their beauty & fashion news on their online magazine. From there, I made some contacts that helped me to work with brands and make my way to the bloggers events in Paris. And, I go often back to my hometown Benin, I always take the blog with me, I share where I am from and I keep sharing since I moved in Nyc, living my dream here. I’m also a Lim College Mps Fashion Marketing graduate student.